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I wish I didn't have a brain, then I wouldn't think of you!

So I'm at my aunts house for a week. Going to Hershey park hopefuly tomorrow, we will see about that. I want to honey moon there so any one I marry needs to love roller coasters as much as I do, and not think that they are going to get into an accident or fall out or get sick, or not like them (hehe, wow, sleep might be a good thing at this point.)

Do you ever get the feeling that no one really cares, they just care cause they are suppose to, or maybe perhaps because they want you to care about them?

I wish I was like 80 years old and I already did every thing I needed too, and I was just peacefully waiting for my time to leave... I hope reincarnation is a lie, because I'm to tired to come back again, its all just a whole lot of grief, and disappointment that at this point in time, maybe because its late, maybe because I'm tired, maybe because my heart is broken never to be fixed again, I do not want to deal with.

Do you ever think about shit you don't want to. It gets so old with me cause thats all I do, and I think about every thing all the fucking time, its just stupid, like me.

Blah blah blah I suck right now, I apologize... what a winny bitch I am

I guess this is what having too much free time on your hands turns out to be like...

Good night world
I wish it was good bye
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